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Foregiveness is beautiful…

Foregiveness is beautiful…

You’ve pricked my heart with your wicked games.

No matter, no matter.

The dark tears that spill from my charcoal lined eyes I use to paint a tree rooted in forgiveness and love.

You’ve pierced my skin with your vipered tongue. 

Saying things that should never be thought let alone uttered aloud. 

No matter, no matter. 

The blood spilled I use to paint vibrant leaves and earth shattering sunsets. 

You’ve crushed me…you’ve crushed me.

No matter, no matter. 

Watch me paint the luscious grass and fill it with wild flowers from all my broken pieces. 

Even from your depravity, I can paint the most beautiful scenes. 
Pictures so beautiful you can’t bear to look away. 

You see, forgivenesses can do that…

Forgiveness is freeing.
Forgiveness is beautiful. 





I do not usually do things like this, but I felt compelled to share our families experience, so hopefully no one has to suffer like my son did. 
Last Wednesday our family decided to go swimming so I stopped in at my local Dollar Tree to pick up a few toys for the pool. While I was there, I thought I would grab some extra sun screen just in case. We get to the pool and I rub our family down with sunscreen and get to our oldest son, who is 9, and had to get a new bottle out. Lucky for me, I grabbed some at the Dollar Tree, so we used that on him. We were in the sun for about three and a half hours and reapplied his sunscreen once. We head home and this is what our week looked like for our 9 YEAR OLD!!!

These two pictures were taken about 4 hours after getting out of the pool.

 He was miserable and kept saying his skin was burning off. 

These were about 20 hours after leaving the pool.

24 hours after the pool 

And about 30 hours after leaving the pool 

These are 5 days after leaving the pool




And these are 9 days after leaving the pool.

 My children are fair complected and my husbands family has a history of skin cancer. Because of that, I am extremely cautious of the amount of sun our kids are exposed to.  

Out of five children and two adults, my 9 year old was the only one to use the sunscreen from the Dollar Tree and he is the only one who ended up with a burn. 

These burns were second degree burns. They are excruciatingly painful. My son spent days screaming in pain. He had to orally take three different medicines and had to use two different creams. 

This is completely unacceptable. This product needs to be removed from shelves and all parents need to be made aware of this incident. 

Please, please, PLEASE share this post and let all of your friends know to not purchase this sunblock! My son would have been better off not wearing any sunscreen at all that day. In addition to all the physical pain he had to endure, he is now terrified to go out in the sun and has spent the last week and a half extremely embarrassed and self conscious about the appearance of his burns. 

These burns will scar. They will scar physically and emotionally. And as a mother, my heart is broken. I bought the sun screen. I put it on his body. In trying to protect him, I ended up hurting him so badly. And I’m mad. So very, very mad. 

But knowledge is power. So please learn from my mishap. DO NOT BUY SUNSCREEN FROM THE DOLLAR TREE!!! DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!
This is the brand 


Is this thing on?


I am sitting here, looking at my screen…trying to find the perfect words for my very first piece of writing to ever go public…and by public I mean anyone other than myself read it. I prefer to keep to things to myself. My thoughts, my opinions and especially my shortcomings. It is so much safer. Why would I dare let people know what I really think. I often find myself relating to that picture going around Pinterest that says – if people could read my thoughts, I would get punched in the face… A LOT.
So WHY am I doing this?!?!?


Yes, I want people to read this. Yes, I hope others find comfort and hope in my posts. Most importantly though, I am writing for myself. For too long I have accepted the -you have to be the perfect mother…no one can know differently…keep up the façade or the whole world will come crashing down – ethos set before me. I’m tired. I know I don’t poop rainbows. I know my kids can be holy terrors. It is time for the world to know too.

I have had ladies come up to me and say things like “you are always so calm and put together, how do you it?” “Wow! Five kids, and you still have all your hair?” And I just stand there all the while thinking, lady if you only knew. But I never tell them differently. I stand there and let them think that I have everything together. I pretend that my child didn’t lick peanut butter off the floor 30 minutes before and I just stand there and watch. Or that when my snuggling toddler wets the bed right beside me I don’t just cover it with a towel instead of changing all the sheets at 3:00am.

I’m not perfect. I screw up everyday. My kids can do horrible things.
You know what though, that’s ok. Sometimes the most beautiful things come from some pretty rotten stuff.

I hope to treat this blog almost like my diary. I want to share some very personal things in hopes that someone else sees it and thinks – Oh thank God, I thought it was just me. I want you guys to know that motherhood is messy. 5 children all screaming at the top of their lungs at the same time is hard. That’s ok.
Messy can be beautiful.
Loud can be liberating.
You just have to allow it.

All that being said, I am a mother of 5. My life is crazy and hectic and this and any blog after will be filled with typos and ramblings. I would apologize for it, but i really don’t care. I’m not turning this in to my English teacher.

I want to explore all the different avenues of motherhood and woman hood. I want to talk about our husbands, who no matter how much we nag, can’t seem to pick their dang dirty underwear up off the floor.
I want to talk about controversial things. I want to share the sweet things my children do. I want to rant about the third bath for my two year old of the day and it’s not even lunch time. I want to talk about the beauty of my child’s smile. Of heartbreak. Of love. Dirt. Grime. Maybe some poop. Probably some tears. Of life. All aspects of it.

The time has come. Let’s pull back the curtain.
My voice will be heard.
My words will be read.
It’s terrifying. It’s exciting. It’s really happening.
Let the unveiling begin.

—Frayed Mama