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  1. Thank you, thank you for sharing your post!! You have certainly stopped many people from suffering. I am so sorry that your son is in pain and for what you are going through 😦 I hope the pain subsided by now!

    I do marketing for a biotech company that specializes in skin cancer research. The discovered a molecule that regenerates skin. We are currently working on a burn cream and after sun care cream with the patented extract. I can send you details and give you a free bottle if you’re interested. I hope he heals soon and well!!

    Sending love,


  2. I’m so sorry that your son went through that! Poor baby!! Have you heard about Young Living Essential Oils? They are a 20 year old company that distills therapeutic grade essential oils to help keep our bodies healthy and to aid our different body systems. Lavender can help with his healthy skin as well as frankincense to aid with the appearance. Please contact me and I would be happy to share this information with you. My family and I have been using these oils for a while now and have been a great addition to keep us healthy.


  3. I would have rather sent you a private message, but I don’t think there is anyway to do that here. I randomly happened upon your blog on pinterest.com this morning and I felt drawn to contact you. My children are also very fair skinned and can burn in fast without proper sunscreen. My daughter even has more sun sensitivity wherein she sometimes, early in the summer, welts up on her face from the sun (polymorphous light eruption.) Anyway, I’ve dealt with some sun related burns, marks and scars in the past. For myself and my family, I prefer to use natural remedies, some of which include the pure essential oils. I made sure to research a bit more before making any recommendations for your son. Fyi, I’m not a doctor, I’m just a mom, researcher, diy loving, natural living enthusiast 🙂

    If you have access to pure essential oils, (I use doTERRA and can only speak about thsee oils with any credibility), you may consider applying Frankincense & Myrrh along with coconut oil to support his skin renewal process in the previously sunburnt areas, scars, or inflamed skin. Additionally, if the areas still have occasional pain, you may want to consider lavender, sandalwood or helichrysum.

    There is a proprietary blend called “Immortelle”, an anti-aging blend, which includes all the oils I listed, plus rose (this would be the most cost effective).

    I hope that your son recovers well. Please contact anytime, I hope you don’t feel I’ve intruded! My oil website is mydoterra.com/crunchymom


    • You should NEVER apply any type of oil to a burn. Essential oils possibly, but coconut oil would literally fry the skin In the heat of the burn.


  4. Interested in the “rest of the story”. How long did it take to heal and what did the doctor, PA etc. say about why the skin is so blistered?


  5. I came across your post on Facebook. I’m so sorry you had to go through this with your baby! Do check out the Ava Anderson Non Toxic line. All non-toxic ingredients. As mentioned by others, essential oils are very helpful. We recently went through a bad burn (not as bad as yours) and we used the ava hand sanitizer (which contains aloe and NOT alcohol) and followed up with the ava Body Butter. No scars, quick healing, and soothing.

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  6. Hey….so I’ve never read your blog before, but came across it because people are forwarding around your “Do not buy this” sunscreen post. As the pastiest white girl ever, I have had BAD burns from the sun, but none EVER looked even close to what your son experienced. My initial thought was that perhaps it was a chemical burn instead. I didn’t give it much thought, but today I saw a new report for an invasive species of plant called giant hogweed. I don’t know where you are located, but basically the entire North East is having problems with this unsuspecting looking plant. But the reason this really caught my attention was because when they were showing what this plant does…it looks identical to what your boy suffered. If you Google Image search you’ll see some of the most extreme examples (naturally…thanks Google), but at its core, the blistering, etc. look just exactly the same. Perhaps think back to whether your boy was playing near some tall grass, or flowery looking, white weeds that day? Something to consider when looking for treatment. If it is indeed hogweed, it reoccurs, so if this seems to reoccur a bit overtime, maybe look into treatment for this plant, instead of sunburn instead? Just putting it out there, because I can’t imagine what your poor guy went through. Looks just terrible.


  7. what is wrong with all the negative people commenting on this .Yes she have not done enough research on the product before commenting but you are all missing her point with the exception of a few positive comments what a bunch of hipprocrates


      • Research isn’t necessary. Things like this shouldn’t be purchased at the dollar store. Nothing that goes on or in your body should be purchased from there. That also includes this like cups, cooks supplies, utensils, etc. all garbage and unsafe!


  8. Hi, my name is Brie. I searched for a way to send you a private message about your sons scarring. I’d like to help with a solution that has a 60 day guarantee or I will personally help you get your money back. It would be a shame to leave it scarred without trying something when he is so young. Please message me, and I would be glad to share some more info with you – before and after pictures of other scars that this has helped.


    • Im so sorry for the terrible pain your little guy went through and you as his Mom. We just hate to see our children hurt. I imagine that you went to the doctor. Did he/she think it could the fact that the sunscreen simply did not work and the sun burned him or was it more a reaction to the sunscreen with sun enhancing it? I m always telling my friend not to buy the cheap stuff but she doesn’t listen! I know this was last summer so I trust things have greatly healed for him. Such a traumatic experience.


  9. If you will apply a high quality lavender essential oil directly on the burns, they should heal with little to no scarring. Since the areas are so big, you may want to put the EO in a small sprayer to apply it, and apply it often. Also put it in a cool bath and let him soak a bit. I think you’ll find it works wonders, I put it on ALL of our burns/boo-boos. My daughter stepped in hot coals and her burns were much worse than this, we used this technique and there is absolutely no scarring and it healed MUCH faster than expected. Praying for relief for you both 😃

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  10. Just found your blog and so love your honesty in your posts. Hope the store manager responded by pulling the product off and letting the other stores know. Would suggest you go to Health Canada website and see what they test( apparently they do not test soaps, shampoos, etc) and what to do about dangerous products that can hurt children, Even contact the federal Minister of Health email,,,, you usually get a response as someone has to read it. Products that arrive in Canadian stores from countries where the products are not regulated can be dangerous. Like the lead in the kids’ jewellery, etc. Thanks for letting us know and all the best.


  11. I appreciate the warning, but this sunscreen can be bought in other storez also. I am glad to make note of this particular brand so we won’t buy it. I am terribly sorry for what your child went through.


  12. I realize your story is nearly a year old, but this is something near and dear to my heart… protecting people from toxic products. I have some amazing suggestions for a safer alternative. something to always keep on hand for burns though too is 100% Tea Tree Oil. takes the pain out too! Happy to discuss my experiences with anyone.


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