Foregiveness is beautiful…

Foregiveness is beautiful…

You’ve pricked my heart with your wicked games.

No matter, no matter.

The dark tears that spill from my charcoal lined eyes I use to paint a tree rooted in forgiveness and love.

You’ve pierced my skin with your vipered tongue. 

Saying things that should never be thought let alone uttered aloud. 

No matter, no matter. 

The blood spilled I use to paint vibrant leaves and earth shattering sunsets. 

You’ve crushed me…you’ve crushed me.

No matter, no matter. 

Watch me paint the luscious grass and fill it with wild flowers from all my broken pieces. 

Even from your depravity, I can paint the most beautiful scenes. 
Pictures so beautiful you can’t bear to look away. 

You see, forgivenesses can do that…

Forgiveness is freeing.
Forgiveness is beautiful. 



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  1. My business has a gel that helps with scarring and many other things such as tattoos and cellulite as well as stretch marks. Go to rachelfarrow. Itworks. Com


  2. I cried when I seen this. I hope your son is completely healed.I already told my sons and daughter about that sunscreen lotion they use some all the time on their children .Thank You for letting people know. I hope your son is not too scarred.I hope you are suing them, your son could have died, just from the open wounds.


  3. I am so sorry to hear about your son’s burns. As a shopper of Dollar stores, I’m glad you posted this. I will share your story and be praying for your son’s healing. Being a Grandmother, I can protect my grandbabies with this information.

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  4. OH DEAR GOD! !!I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES. My heart aches for your son. I COULD NOT EVEN STAND TO LOOK AT IT, and your baby had to live it. It SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! !NO CHILD SHOULD EVER HAVE TO SUFFER LIKE THIS. I’m In agreement, I think you should sue,for the pain and suffering this caused your baby, and the heartbreak you have gone through as his mother.I will be praying for your son, and your FAMILY. I cried too when I saw these pictures, because I saw the pain in his eyes. Somebody needs to pay for what this has done to this baby, and your family. God Bless this child. I will be praying for him, and for you. !!!


  5. I hope your son is in better condition and thanks for sharing your story because alot of us parents shop there now thanks to you we will no longer be getting any type of skin products from any doller tree !!!!

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    • I also am praying for your son to heal quickly and completely he should never had to suffer like that .the food and drug admin. Is in everyones pocket or they would be testing these things before allowing them on the market you need to sue the co. That makes it and the food and drug admin.. thank you for giving this info. To us. For warned is forarmed. I also shop at doller tree but refrain from buying any animal toys made in china because of arsenic,lead and other toxic things in the toys and beds.animals have died . This. Cream you used may also be made in china where they even poison the baby formulas they send here to sell..never buy any medical substance or cosmetic substance from china. They sell them even in major chain stores like kmart walmart etc. Please check your labels even hair care products.


  6. no amount of sunscreen would have prevented that – can you NOT READ– it was only 15spf and not waterproof you idiot — you should feel bad about this, I am praying fervently that there are no scars physical or mental from this–I also pray the lesson is learned to read the labels- you are the protector do that – use good sunblock 60-75sph and waterproof so it won’t wash off when they swim – reapply every 1/2 hour and no more than 2 hours max of sun non-peak hours in peak hours avoid completely for fair skinned and sensitive types ( peak hours are 11am-3 pm)


  7. I have actually seen posts from others that the same thing happened to them with the same sunscreen! I feel so bad for your son, I hope he heals soon without any more problems. Please be cautious of and keep an eye out for him contracting MRSA. Our daughter got sunburnt very badly, her skin then peeled, then her skin broke in several places and within a few days she contracted MRSA. Just a FYI.


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