Monthly Archives: August 2015

Foregiveness is beautiful…

Foregiveness is beautiful…

You’ve pricked my heart with your wicked games.

No matter, no matter.

The dark tears that spill from my charcoal lined eyes I use to paint a tree rooted in forgiveness and love.

You’ve pierced my skin with your vipered tongue. 

Saying things that should never be thought let alone uttered aloud. 

No matter, no matter. 

The blood spilled I use to paint vibrant leaves and earth shattering sunsets. 

You’ve crushed me…you’ve crushed me.

No matter, no matter. 

Watch me paint the luscious grass and fill it with wild flowers from all my broken pieces. 

Even from your depravity, I can paint the most beautiful scenes. 
Pictures so beautiful you can’t bear to look away. 

You see, forgivenesses can do that…

Forgiveness is freeing.
Forgiveness is beautiful.