I do not usually do things like this, but I felt compelled to share our families experience, so hopefully no one has to suffer like my son did. 
Last Wednesday our family decided to go swimming so I stopped in at my local Dollar Tree to pick up a few toys for the pool. While I was there, I thought I would grab some extra sun screen just in case. We get to the pool and I rub our family down with sunscreen and get to our oldest son, who is 9, and had to get a new bottle out. Lucky for me, I grabbed some at the Dollar Tree, so we used that on him. We were in the sun for about three and a half hours and reapplied his sunscreen once. We head home and this is what our week looked like for our 9 YEAR OLD!!!

These two pictures were taken about 4 hours after getting out of the pool.

 He was miserable and kept saying his skin was burning off. 

These were about 20 hours after leaving the pool.

24 hours after the pool 

And about 30 hours after leaving the pool 

These are 5 days after leaving the pool




And these are 9 days after leaving the pool.

 My children are fair complected and my husbands family has a history of skin cancer. Because of that, I am extremely cautious of the amount of sun our kids are exposed to.  

Out of five children and two adults, my 9 year old was the only one to use the sunscreen from the Dollar Tree and he is the only one who ended up with a burn. 

These burns were second degree burns. They are excruciatingly painful. My son spent days screaming in pain. He had to orally take three different medicines and had to use two different creams. 

This is completely unacceptable. This product needs to be removed from shelves and all parents need to be made aware of this incident. 

Please, please, PLEASE share this post and let all of your friends know to not purchase this sunblock! My son would have been better off not wearing any sunscreen at all that day. In addition to all the physical pain he had to endure, he is now terrified to go out in the sun and has spent the last week and a half extremely embarrassed and self conscious about the appearance of his burns. 

These burns will scar. They will scar physically and emotionally. And as a mother, my heart is broken. I bought the sun screen. I put it on his body. In trying to protect him, I ended up hurting him so badly. And I’m mad. So very, very mad. 

But knowledge is power. So please learn from my mishap. DO NOT BUY SUNSCREEN FROM THE DOLLAR TREE!!! DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!
This is the brand 



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  1. First of all, I would like to say that as a mother I do not let my kids go about just swimming for 3 and a half hours without reapplying sun block more than once, its more like 3xs, especially if its not water proof. And for this woman to say that her son was fair skinned and the family was pron to skin cancer than I would most certainly be reapplying the sun block waaaaaaay more than the 1 time she spoke of. Also, its dollar store brand. I worked at one and you get what you pay for. With that being said, no, not everyone is perfect, and mistakes happen, but you cannot just blame the store or product when better precautions could have been taken in this case. In this day and age, we need to start taking responsibility for our selves even when trying to make other be held accountable…

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    • You Chrystin is unfair and unjust and if this would have happened to you or your child you would be singing another story! It doesn’t matter how she provide for her family the product is unsafe and need to be remove unless the product specifically say (risk) you get what you pay for! Thank you for posting and hope your son and family will be awarded for your suffering and pain!


      • The “unsafe” part of it is the ignorance not the product. The product manufacturer didn’t have him in the hot sun for 3.5 hours uncovered. Sun screen is not an umbrella!


    • I’m very sorry lady but I know this matter personally and she is very protective of her children you don’t know her so back up when you start talking about her not being responsible and how many times she needed to put that cream on it if you would her statement properly she did reply get a grip


  2. Many warnings not to use sunscreen can cause melanoma. Just avoid too much sun. Or use some coconut oil? See “Natural”


  3. !st of all… SPF 15 & it doesn’t state that it’s water proof… Probably 99% of it washed right off, within 5 minutes of being in the water… re-applying wouldn’t help either… as with most Sun Screen products, they should be applied 15 minters before going into the sun, for the properties of the protective layer to set up… even so, as before, it also washed off within 5 minutes of resenting the water… sorry, but a “Huge Fail her MOM! You need to read the product… no just buy a Sale item… lastly… always look for an expiry date… these Discount Stores are notorious for selling expired products… I’m a 3 time cancer survivor, with lots of scars from stitches & treatments… I’m very cautious when outdoors and have seen a lot, when it comes to cancer… having been a patient at Princess Margaret Hospital…

    Heart felt wishes to your son… scars will fade over time and the mental scars will only haunt you, if you let them…


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    • … sorry for the spelling errors… “… should be applied 15 minutes before going into the sun…” & ” washed off within 5 minutes of re-entering the water…”


    • Not waterproof and only SPF 15. Don’t bother filing a lawsuit, it won’t hold up in court. My son is fair skinned as well and we only use SPF 50-70 and always waterproof. If you read the product label even the waterproof stuff says to re-apply every hour or so when you are in the water. In addition, we pay attention while recreating and you can definitely visually tell when he is getting too much sun….If you’re paying attention. I feel sorry for your son. I think what really happened here is that someone threatened to call DCS and this post is your way of diverting attention away from your lack of parenting and good judgement. Next time buy a product that is designed for the recreation you are participating in and individual that it is being applied to.

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  4. My son is also VERY fair-skinned. We learned years ago that no matter what the SPF is, he burns if exposed to the sun for more than 15-20 minutes. Our solution? He doesn’t take his shirt off. This is simple, and works very well. We apply WATERPROOF sunscreen in the 30-50 SPF range, and keep his t-shirt on. No more blistering burns. The issue here is NOT the dollar store, and not the product. Sunscreen MUST be applied 30 minutes before exposure, for full protection, and MUST be RE-APPLIED frequently, especially if the user is very fair-skinned. Anything else is either ignorance or neglect on the part of the purchaser/user (in this case, the adult responsible for this poor child).


  5. I found this when I was looking for an address to contact this firm. I bought Factor 50 and 30 for my grandchildren to go to Greece. It was applied, as instructed,, is supposed to be water resistant, and both of them ended up with sunburn on their shoulders and chest! It was applied every hour also. Product should be removed as doesn’t give the protection it claims to give!!!!


  6. Important factor to remember.. the spf level should be viewed as a minute guide. spf 15 should be applied every 15 minutes for it to remain effective. Not to mention… shame on you. That boys eyes are burnt from being out for so long. I love the dollar tree but I would never trust their sunscreen on my child. Research shows that people with extreme sunburns that happen before your 20’s increases the chance of melanoma. Hopefully next time you will buy a more reputable brand. Broad spectrum, water proof… and remember the minute guide. Prayers for your son.


  7. Apparently you are clueless! Fair skinned and in the sun for that long, uncovered, with that cheap assed sun screen. You should be up for child endangerment.


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  9. This poor child didn’t deserve this. Please put coconut oil and aloe vera on him to help him heal….. It’s a loose, loose situation. Sun screen causes cancer and to much sun causes cancer. Me and my family don’t put on much sunscreen. If we do it’s the honest brand or another naturally organic kind. We live next to the gulf and have a pool in our back yard I let my kids swim in the morning and afternoon to keep them out of the direct sun. I do my best, I have been lucky to never had a child get sun burnt.


  10. These are serous 2nd degree burns and this child needs medical attention now! Thus is not just a ‘sunburn’. Former BICU nurse. Risks are infection scarring worsening if burned areas to deeper tissue body fluid and electrolyte imbalances


  11. That looks like more than a sunburn. While I agree normally you should reapply sunscreen while swimming, have you considered that this was an allergic reaction? Those blisters look more like an allergic reaction to something in the sunscreen than simply a sunburn. Or maybe something in the sunscreen that reacted with the chemicals in the pool. Did you see your doctor? So sorry. How awful for your son.


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