I love this!!


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  1. i would totally take that to a lawyer that’s Unbeliveable IT alsmot looks as bad as the burns that U get from giant hogweed that looked soooooo sore poor kid fuck I would be protesting outfront the store with a big sign with pictures showing the injurys and burns and tell everyone walking in and out


  2. Why did you use an SPF of only 15 ??? I dont believe its a faulty product. You used an extremely low SPF on a very pale child and only reapplied once !!! What SPF did you and the other children use??? I have had these deep burns with massive blisters when my parents used no sunscreen. Am so sorry for his suffering Please always use a high SPF 15% is basically nothing.


    • It is a faulty product, this is the SECOND or third post I’ve seen about this product and its still available, get a lawyer QUICK!!!


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